International Club of Berne

BGM and Fall Party

  • Saturday, 4th May 2019 at 6pm
  • Saturday, 14th September 2019 at 6pm

Location: Murrihuus, Schliern / Köniz

The Biennial General Meeting has been postponed.

Possibly on 14 September along with the Fall Party


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Graham wrote
at 8:53am on Thursday, 22nd August 2019
We accept motions for discussion at the BGM, you can write them here.

I think we should have a discussion of what events to concentrate on.

Perhaps we can drop the sporting events from the Newsletter and the cafes, as the participants are often non-ICB memebrs and the Yahoo and WhatsApp groups can run in a self-management form.

I would also propose that we terminate the club and wind up its activities. Membership has dropped below 100 persons for the first time, and times and habits have changed. This could lead to a good discussion.
Graham wrote
at 11:40pm on Tuesday, 13th August 2019
Each month at the committee meeting, we discuss information and communication. Newsletter on paper, emails, website, whatsapp, yahoo groups, etc. A deep discussion usually follows.

It's tied up with the interest and activity loads of members, and with our management habits.
Graham wrote
at 11:37pm on Tuesday, 13th August 2019
THere are more than 5 Facebook general groups for people in Berne
Some have communication in English

Bern Expats
Expats in Berne
Graham wrote
at 11:21pm on Tuesday, 13th August 2019
Ideas which were put forward at committee meetings in spring.

We could use Facebook. For: a powerful method to reach lots of potential members (Berne and interests). This would be a public group. Free.
Advertising. Against: privacy. No photos, no names or contact details.
Many members would not use Facebook, we have asked.
We could have a private group. We can have Facebook events and share photos. But we don't have a membership function or sublists like Groupspaces. We would need a media person to manage it.

Our Facebook page is

Graham wrote
at 11:12pm on Tuesday, 13th August 2019
Ideas which were put forward at a Committee Meeting in January

To manage our workload - reduce the number of activities, plan a year ahead, as according to Emilia's 2917 table. Review with a standard form, number of attendees, and how waas the meeting.

Get people to fill out the interest profile amd membership form. We have them on paper and the IF online. But we do not really use them. We should use them to plan activities and participation.
Graham wrote
at 12:00am on Thursday, 2nd May 2019
The BGM is postponed, to a later date, perehaps in June.

We intend to combine it with a Spring Party.
Graham wrote
at 12:43pm on Sunday, 14th April 2019

Willkommen im Ali Baba Bern! Ali Biçer, kurdisch-schweizerischer Gastwirt, Kochbuchautor, Dichter und Filmemacher zaubert für Sie oder gemeinsam mit Ihnen orientalische Köstlichkeiten und eigene Kreationen mit frischen, auserlesenen Produkten.

Geniessen Sie hausgemachte vegane, vegetarische und Fleischgerichte von Ali Babas Mittagsbüffet. Essen ist ein Bedürfnis, geniessen ist eine Kunst.
Graham wrote
at 12:39pm on Sunday, 14th April 2019
The Biennial General Meeting
Saturday, 4 May 2019, 18:00–22:00

We hereby announce the biennial general meeting (BGM), where we hear reports covering the last two years, discuss members’ ideas, and elect a new committee. After the general meeting, we will enjoy a fine meal, partly subsidized by the club.
The minutes of the last BGM, in 2017, as well as the statutes (By-Laws), can be found in the files section of our website.

Please enter nominations or proposals for discussion or for changing the statutes, by e-mail or using the form below. Copy and send it to any committee member or to

A detailed notice of the BGM programme will be sent out in April.

Nominations and Motions
Send this to any committee member or to Irene Schenker. You are welcome to nominate yourself. We will ask for a seconder at the meeting.

I propose ____________ for a position on the committee

I propose the activity ________________________________

I propose ____________ for an activity leader.

I propose the following motion or change to statutes

Name _________________________

Please remember to pay your membership fee now, so that you are eligible to take part.
Graham wrote
at 12:32pm on Sunday, 14th April 2019
BGM – Biennial General Meeting
Saturday, 4 May 2019 from 18:00 to 22:00
Rest. Ali Baba, Lerchenweg 33, Länggasse, 3012 Berne

The General Meeting of the International Club of Berne takes place every two years. Motions for consideration can be submitted, or amendments to the statutes. Nominations are open for the committee, and should be submitted to Irene Schenker (see page 2).

Programme of the BGM Evening
18:00 Apéro, offered by the Club
18:30 Biennial General Meeting
Ca. 19:30 Dinner, partly subsidized by the Club
22:00 Farewell and Closing

Agenda of the ICB Biennial General Meeting
This agenda may be changed before or during the meeting.
1. Opening of Meeting, Agenda, Procedure
2. Attendance, Apologies, Proxies
3. Minutes of the last BGM
4. Officers’ Reports – President, Finance, Auditor, Membership, Activities, Media
5. General Business – Motions, Bylaws Changes
6. Nominations and Elections
7. Other Business
8. Handover and Announcements


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By Graham on 26th July

See the "other events" for happenings around Berne.

Swimming WhatsApp group is active: Marzili, Eichholz, Weyerli
Movies WhatsApp group, outdoors cinema at Liebefeld and Marzili
Dancing and music on Thursdays - tango, country line dance, lindyhop at GenerationenHaus and Köniz castle

Walk Sunday 28 in Dählhölzli or Botanical Gardens
Walk Saturday 3 August to Brügg with

Wine tasting at Innere Enge on Friday 26 - Sunday 28
Wine tasting club event on Tuesday 30
Farmers Brunch Thursday 1 (reserve for yourself!)

Museums open and free on Saturdays in August: 3, 10, 17, 24, 31


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