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Visit Heritage Days

  • Saturday, 12th September 2020 at TBD
  • Sunday, 13th September 2020 at TBD

Location: Bondeli-Haus, Münzrain 3, Bern

This event is in the past.

The European Heritage Days / Open Doors Days 12-13 September

These two days offer opportunities to visit buildings, monuments and sites, many of which are not normally accessible to the public. The EU / EC national programs are listed on Wikipedia and the Swiss programme is organised by NIKE, the Nationale Informationsstelle für Kulturgüter-Erhaltung, see Swiss European Heritage Days.

The programme is in German, French and Italian and includes and features 23 locations in Berne canton and 6 in the city.
In the Museum chat we will make plans for a visit, possibly to the Bondeli-Haus in Berne or a castle.


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Graham wrote
at 9:55pm on Saturday, 29th August 2020
Sunday 4 October
Graham wrote
at 8:56pm on Saturday, 29th August 2020
Sunday 13 September: also the castles of Jegenstorf, Thun and Spiez

And more locatoins:
Graham wrote
at 8:14pm on Saturday, 29th August 2020
Saturday 12.9 or Sunday 13.9:
Castle Landshut and the Swiss Museum of Wildlife and Hunting
Schloss Landshut und Schweizer Museum für Wild und Jagd
On Sunday a 14:00 Schloss-Führung «Treppauf, treppab.
The life of a chambermaid 300 years ago: up and down (?)

Wie eine Magd vor 300 Jahren die «Vertikale» im Schloss erlebte» Maya Wüthrich, Schlossführerin Castle Guide



Samstag 12.9.
14 Uhr Präsentation Kunstführer

Sonntag 13.9.
10 bis 15 Uhr Lyrik-Atelier
14 Uhr Führung (Dauer ca. 45 Min.)


Today, hunting is no longer necessary to put meat on the table or to make tools from sinews and bones. The culture-historical meaning of hunting has evolved over the millenia, along with hunting methods and techniques.

Since 1968, Landshut Castle is the home of the Swiss Museum of Wildlife and Hunting, the only hunting museum in Switzerland. As such, its first priority is not simply to awaken some kind of "Thrill of the Hunt", but rather to inform about people that hunt, about hunted wildlife as well as the the art of hunting.


The domain encompasses the castle, park, economic building, in which the Wildlife Station Foundation [Stiftung Wildstation] is located today, orangery and side buildings, and has been maintained, essentially, in its original form. Since 1988, the domain has been in the ownership of the Landshut Castle Foundation.

The castle and its grand Swiss Plateau surroundings are an ideal travel destination for families, school classes, nature lovers and hunting societies.


Special Exhibition 2020
The Brothers Grimm and the lives of their forest and field animals
(Grimms Tierleben Vom Wildgetier in Wald und Feld)

The sly fox, the clever owl, the bad wolf, in fairy tales wild animals have fixed roles and characteristics that still shape our image of the respective species today.

This year's special exhibition at Landshut Castle is taking the visitor into the world of Grimm Brother’s animal tales. Equipped with a magic wand, young and old alike can wander through a fairytale forest, making the wild animals speak. We also follow the tracks of the «real» animals living in the wild and get to know many more fascinating aspects of our «wild neighbours» in a research camp!

Ten of our most well-known native wild animal species, such as the bear and the deer, but also mouses and sparrows, are present as zoological specimens. A little booklet gives information from a scientific point of view - and also some «hunter's tales» should not be missing... !

A programme of attractive side events is highlighting particularly interesting and entertaining aspects of the special exhibition.

Many artists have been inspired by animal scenes in the Grimm Brother’s fairy tales. A selection of the most beautiful illustrations from children's picture books, published by NordSüd in Zurich, can be discovered in a small side exhibition!

The cozy chair standing the pop-up reading corner on the first floor of the granary is inviting visitors to be a teller of fairy tales to their listeners. A selection of books with both traditional and modern fairy tales, compiled by the Chinderbuechlade Bern, serves as reading material.

The special exhibition, produced by the Natural History Museum of Winterthur, can be seen until october 11th at the granary hall of the castle.

A dossier with teaching material for schools is available in German.
Please order from, stating your postal address.

Please note, that this exhibition is in German language, as well as the fairy tales told. At the pop-up reading corner, you will find fairy tale books in English.
Graham wrote
at 8:03pm on Saturday, 29th August 2020
Event 12 September - visit of Bondeli-Haus, Münzrain 3, Bern

We walk at 13:00 and attend the tour at 14:00.

Samstag 12.9. at 9, 11, 14 und 16 Uhr

The Bondelihaus at Münzrain 3 has been continuously expanded since it was built in the 16th century. This growth happened rather inconspicuously, as the house did not increase in height, as is usually the case, due to topographical conditions, but in width. The monument preservation team, together with the client and architects, shows how a suburban villa was transformed from a vine house and how the space created over hundreds of years is used today to provide five comfortable apartments. Discover with us evidence of Bernese architecture from different epochs, which have been preserved despite constant changes.

Register with by 31.8. I will register for 4 persons

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